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City Bus Routes (for Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore)

Majority of ndians still prefer travelling by public transport. People travelling by trains do have their railway timetable with them.(atleast those who are  frequent traveller). But there are equal number of people who travel by bus. As there are no timetable for bus (inform of booklets) its difficult for the travellers to get to know the timing of the buses  and if the traveller is not a regular then you can just image his situation. Even the bus routes information are not online too.

This problem has been solved now at least for people of Mumbai,Chennai and Bangalore by busbus.You just need to enter your source and destination (auto-suggest implemented),the site flushes out bus routes available with total distance. So you can decide by just looking at the distance which bus is preferable.


Busbus is integrated with Google maps (click on bus name and get the detailed route on maps).


The site is very intresting and is very simple to understand however some features are missing like bus timings, their fares and frequency of arrival/departure. Even for me the one probelm i thought was that user has to select from the auto-sugeested list that shouldnt be there.

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