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Now Mail In Indian Languages

Now write your mails in 5 indian language. Actually you can write in 6 language as marathi words are quit simillar to hindi. Gmail¬† currently support five Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Go in the settings tab which is to the top -right hand corner and change the default language to the selected Indian Language.

Gmail took a long time to intoduce this feature as sify and redif had already up with this feature. Will this new feature help gmail to increase the number of users in nam? Will be able to attract the desi crowd? How many ppl will start sending their mail in desi language?

Check Official Google Blog for more info.

Gmail Video chat then came Themes and now Type in Indian Language, 3 new features in qucik time. What you think will be the next one?

Lets wait and watch.

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