Swine Effect

The latest trending topic every where is SWINE FLU. Even mail inbox and the cell phone inbox are getting flooded with precautionary mail and sms of Swine Flu. People are so scared of this flu, if someone sneeze in public he’s been watched like a swine flu suspect. News channels again have got a news which they can show 24*7. The Death toll has reached 10 now and infected in 500’s.

The one thing that amazed me a lot is when only hundreds of people were infected by swine flu, half of the world started wearing the mask, millions of people have HIV/AIDS but still nobody want to wear a condom. And same is case with Helmets and seat belts, Nobody want to wear helmets when everyone knows how many people die every years in road accidents. Then how come these people are so conscious about wearing a mask?

People do wear the mask when they know that its not a 100% precautionary measure for swine flu (H1N1). But still they wear it because they are scared of getting infected. When these people love their life so much then why don’t they wear a condom while having sex with unknow partner, a helmet while riding a bike and a seat belt while driving a car. If u didn’t die with Swine Flu you can die in an accident or due to Aids. Prevent your self by using helmets for both.

Try to think over it and if you love yourself so much then do take the precautionary measures. These stuffs are gonna save you and your family.

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1 thought on “Swine Effect

  1. Good observation sirji 😀 Let me tell you why condom or helmets are not as famously rampant as the masks. It is because the media in our country specially the Aaj Tak type of channels do not flash ‘AIDS se badhti hui maut’ or some such sensationalised news about death by accidents or aids 🙁 hence the awareness or the fear is much less about such incidents.

    Since Swine flu can be sensationalised they are selling that news. If only media was as sensible as you. 🙂

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