Poor Servicing

Sai Point Honda service center really sucks a lot.  I gave my bike for the 4th servicing at Sai Point Honda service center thane west.  It took 1 1/2 hrs for them to make a job sheet of my bike as only 1 guy was there to note down the problems of the bike. From the 1st servicing i have…

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Font with Indian Rupee Symbol – Download and Use Free

Foradian Technologies have made the first font with support for Indian currency symbol. Click here to download:  Rupee.ttf How to use ? 1. Download the above attached font Rupee.ttf or the new version Rupee_Foradian.ttf 2. Install the font. (It is easy. Just copy the font and paste it in “Fonts” folder in control panel) 3. Start using it. 🙂 How…

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What Women Want

A difficult question for which a very simple answer that i found here. But what actually Women want is someone who will look deep in to her eyes, someone who will take care of her, someone who will hold her hand forever, someone who will let her experience the freedom, a shoulder on which she can keep her head, someone…

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Trek to Karnala

After a gap of 3 long months our group decided to go for trek.  We had to canceled our trekking plans in summer  as it was too hot to do a trek. As monsoon is a great time to do a trek we decided to go to Karnala fort near Panvel. The date was fixes as 27 June 2010. We…

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Auto Fare Chart Mumbai

The new Auto fare chart can be downloaded from the link below. It also has the Traffic Control Numbers in case Autos refuse to ply to your desire destination. The new rate applicable w.e.f 24th June 2010 Auto fare Chart Auto fare chart Excel format

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Meter Down

Everything is increasing commodity prices, traveling fare, electricity changes, load shedding hours, etc. except two things Salaries and the level of water in dams. Congrats auto wallas as they got what they want and feel sorry for the common man who has to face another rise i.e auto fare. Yesterday the second lifeline of Mumbai i.e auto and taxi went…

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Its not just u

A simple twist converted a love poem to a flirt poem (Confession poem as my friends call it ) Today will tell u something very very true, the only person i love is u, the only person that made me cry like a baby is u, the only person i miss a lot in my life is u, the only…

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We live in a nation where …

We live in a nation, Where Pizza reaches home faster than Ambulance, police or fire brigade. Where you get car loan @ 5% and education loan @ 12% interest. Where rice is Rs 40/- per kg but sim card is free of cost. Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead of donating the money to any charity. Where…

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