Mood Indigo - BlogCamp Dec 2010

Sunday morning my parents were shocked to see me up at 7am. The question they asked me was “Are you OK ?”  and i just smiled and said “NO today is blogcam”. After missing the blogcamp for last couple of  years i was very excited to attend it,  meet the fellow blogger and learn a […]

Barcamp Mumbai Day 2

Day 1 of the Barcamp was great. Now the expectation from day 2 was little high.

I and kiran reach IIT at 12.30pm, i wasn’t so late because the day 2 session started at around 11.00 am. I missed seed fund session, but it was ok for me as i heard that guys session at […]

Barcamp Mumbai Day 1

We (Rohan, kiran, vipul and myself) reached thane the day before the event and (Vijaya and priyanka) went to andheri. It was a nice feeling that i was back home after a long time but i was more excited as i was going to attend my first ever barcamp. I had heared a lot about […]