Valentine of my life

It’s been a year we have been together. And today is our first anniversary.  I met her an year ago but the day we started dating, the day when I first time hold her hand was 14th feb 2010. Like any relation we also had some ups and downs but that’s just for a while. […]

The 8 stages Career Song

1. when in college : Hum honge kaamiyaab, Hum honge kaamiyaab ek din…….

2. when giving interview to Multi National Company:Tu hi re… Too hi re ….tere binaaa main kaise jiyunn…..

3. waiting for interview result:Intehaa ho gai Intzaarki.. aayinaaa  kuch khabar mere yaarki…

4. just joined: Too cheez badi hai mast mast…..

5. after some time: Ye kahaan […]