Kalaghoda Art Festival 2012 Schedule

Schedule Of Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2012

Street Event at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2012

Heritage Walk at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012

Children Events at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012

Workshops at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012

Films & Movies at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012

Dance events at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, 2012

Theater and Drama at […]

How many more dates we have to remember

The wounds of 7/11,  26/11 are not yet healed and Mumbai was yet again targeted on 13/7 where again innocent people lost their lives. Around 21 people died and more than 80 people injured when 3 blast took places within the time span of 20min in 3 major parts of Mumbai Dadar (Kabutar khana), Oberio […]

And i got drenched

Its raining cats and dogs, thunderstorm and many more rainy tweets have always made me jealous. And the same thing happened yesterday (2nd June 2011) when tweeples from Pune started tweeting about the rain in Pune. I even posted a tweet on that “Ok Pune guys we know its raining and you guys enjoying […]

And Sapling Project Is Back Again...

Yes you heard it right, The Sapling Project is back and the next drive is on Sunday 19th June 2011. After tremendous response in last drive (the 3rd drive) in which more than 4000 sapling  were distributed in  6 cities ( Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Latur ). In the next drive we are […]

Mumbai Marathon 2011

Consecutively second time today I participated in Dream Run of most awaited Mumbai marathon. I was more interested in running half marathon but like last year this year too I couldn’t register myself, but managed to get a 21km bib all thanks to Jagdish Parekh. He is the one who inspired me to run 21km […]

Mood Indigo - BlogCamp Dec 2010

Sunday morning my parents were shocked to see me up at 7am. The question they asked me was “Are you OK ?”  and i just smiled and said “NO today is blogcam”. After missing the blogcamp for last couple of  years i was very excited to attend it,  meet the fellow blogger and learn a […]

Kingfisher BeerUp (Tweetup)

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Spending a evening with tweeples and bonding over beer is such a great idea. And that too when you’re having free beer , free goodies and unlimited fun with friends , just nothing like that. Kingfisher made the evening of 17 Sept memorable to more than 50 tweeples  who […]

Mumbai rain and Weather Forecast

The 3 days nonstop rain shower have finally halted today. After 3 days i got my dose of vitamin D.  The continuous rain had surprised every Mumbaikar, if not everyone at least i was surprised. The reason behind this was Mumbai was not at all halted in these 3 days. Trains were running (late , […]

Taxi Tarrif Card

The new rate applicable w.e.f 24th June 2010.

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Auto Fare Chart Mumbai

The new Auto fare chart can be downloaded from the link below. It also has the Traffic Control Numbers in case Autos refuse to ply to your desire destination.

The new rate applicable w.e.f 24th June 2010

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Auto fare Chart Auto fare chart Excel format

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