Meter Down

Everything is increasing commodity prices, traveling fare, electricity changes, load shedding hours, etc. except two things Salaries and the level of water in dams. Congrats auto wallas as they got what they want and feel sorry for the common man who has to face another rise i.e auto fare.

Yesterday the second lifeline of […]

All Talks … No Vote

Before election everyone were angry on the present situation of the country and were blaming the government for all these things. I had seen the aggregation on the faces of so many people that i thought this time we’ll get a good government that will be for the common man. I used to hear about […]

V-DAY Lok Sabha Elections '09

It was the 3rd phase of Lok Sabha elections in Thane and Mumbai today. And for this i came to thane a day before from pune. I was very excited that i was going to vote (Hoping the candidate i was going to vote was the right and a good candidate).

When i woke up in […]