And Sapling Project Is Back Again...

Yes you heard it right, The Sapling Project is back and the next drive is on Sunday 19th June 2011. After tremendous response in last drive (the 3rd drive) in which more than 4000 sapling  were distributed in  6 cities ( Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Latur ). In the next drive we are […]

Mumbai Marathon 2011

Consecutively second time today I participated in Dream Run of most awaited Mumbai marathon. I was more interested in running half marathon but like last year this year too I couldn’t register myself, but managed to get a 21km bib all thanks to Jagdish Parekh. He is the one who inspired me to run 21km […]

The Sapling Project .. Is Back

After the grand success of sapling project on 26th Jan 2010 in 3 cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai) where more than 1000 sapling where distributed (700 in mumbai itself) the next sapling project is lineup for you.

The Sapling Project III is happening on June 6th 2010. This time sapling team has came up with many new […]

The Sapling Project – 26th Jan 2010

While most tree plantation drives are done in Parks or Forest areas, we think it’s the colonies and buildings that need more trees and also one can monitor the health and progress of one’s planted sapling.

we are working towards a simple mission, to plant and share plant saplings to one and all in different […]