Small Wonders

Small Wonders is a group of my friends who are helping me achieve one of my dreams.
It is an effort to fulfill the basic requirements of the children & elderly.

We aim at providing financial & non financial aid to the needy esp. children & old pple.

Needy refer to children/elders facing financial crisis, deprived of basic necessity like food ,shelter, clothing, education & entertainment or those exploited mentally, physically or socially.

At present we have undertaken tiny projects for VIKAS VIDYALAY (school for earing impaired) at Dadar E. It has 118 students who majorly come from poor families. So far we hav provided thm with school bags, study material, shoes & socks, have organized entertainment programs like Circus, xmas parties etc.

We intend to do better projects for many such organizations who are in need.
Also very soon SMALL WONDERS plans to get registered.

All we say -u don’t need to invest money to bring a change n sme1s life
all u ned is -invest few hrs of ur lif & c wat wondrs it does!

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