Travel To IOFC Center… Panchgani

Most of the activities for Opensocial Developer Garage had caught pace but the question of which application to be developed for the CodeLab event still remained a mystery. So shardul came up with the idea of developing the application titled India I care.

India I care A Campaign to Replenish “The Character Bank Of India” located at panchgani. Millions of Indians battle poverty and oppression o a daily basis,their lives in darkness with few signs of hope. Corruption, division, injustice have eaten into the heart of this great civilization. Unless we shift the ‘me-first’, ‘me-only’ mindset from ‘grab’ to ‘give’, our economic growth will only create bigger graps in our country and we’ll wreck our chances of making this nation truly great.

So to help the nation they came up with an idea of “character bank of India”. Its a virtual bank where people make deposits , the deposits will not be in the form of money but in the form of oath. Like if a person says “He’ll not give or take bribes” and for some reason he has to come across a situation where he/she were forced to give or take bribe but resisted, thus making a difference, this act would be qualified as a person’s deposit. He/She can even make multiple deposits at a time, this deposits if followed by every person can bring change in them as well as surroundings and slowly in whole nation.

Shardul had previous discussions with arpana about the CodeLab event and the application we could develop during CodeLab. So to discuss this application she called us to their iofc centre panchgani . I (Vishal) and shardul went to the iofc centre on Sunday 9th November 08 were Arpana welcomed us. Arpana wanted to give us some idea about India i care , before actually going through the application they needed to make. So she showed us the whole centre that covers an area around 60 acres and explained every bit of it.

Then we meet Mayur,Priya, Mr.Mike Brown who’s father had created and donated the whole architecture of asia plateau. During our lunch we actually started discussing about the application. We first gave short description about what is the event about and how can codelab would benefit them.

After lunch we took their views regarding the application. There were plenty of features would could add to application but due to restriction in time we had to cut short and focus on only the crucial aspects of the app.We prepared a rough design so that we could share it with other organizers.

After plenty of corrections, confusion, arguments and thought regarding the final product we had a mockup ready on the white board. We all were so excited about the application and event that nobody amongst us got bored during the entire course of the discussion. The whole discussion lasted for around 6 hrs with 2 breaks.

We left asia plateau at 6.15 pm with the promise of making the application possible and fully developed during the CodeLab of Developer Garage.

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