Developer Garage Second Meet

To discuss on various points 2nd meet of Opensocial Developer Garage was called on 15th November 08 at ICC tower Pune. I (Vishal), Rohan, Amit kumar, Privin Nirmal, shardul, Aman, Anish and also Arapana and Mayur of India I Care joined us in this meet.

First half we spent on discussing scope of the application that we want to build at this conference through code lab. We finalized to create an application for India I care. Shardul explained us about the idea and Aparna and Mayur were present from India I care. At the end, decision was taken that the Database and UI part of the application should be completed before the event.

Later on we discussed on Venue i.e Thoughtworks , who are venue sponsors. Later discussion happened on sessions, speakers and sponsors. Then we had a small discussion about advertising and doing PR for the event and advertising through newspaper was the best option selected we thought and decided to do the same. We also decided to charge application owners for presenting their application at “Application Showcase”. There will be a nominal charge and they will also get place at our site. We are going to contact few more companies who we think would like to sponsor this event. After all our aim is to give quality knowledge to all developers and that too Free of cost. Below points we concluded

i. There will be around 12 session at two prallel tracks.

ii. Application development will be done at Codelab. Others can see this code development on a projector. At the end of day, this application code will be shown and explained to all developers.

iii. Application showcase will give chance to application owners to advertise their application.

After the meet I (Vishal), Rohan, Amit, Pravin and Shardul decided to have lunch together.

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