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Twitter Meet Up Pune which conceded on 7th Feb was indeed a biggest meet up ever. The meet up did had a media coverage. Pune Mirror reporters were present at the CCD on Furgusson college road were the meet up was organized. They took interviews of the attendees and ask about their views on twitter and why they use twitter?

On 8th Feb the article about twitter meet was published in Pune mirror page with a group snap of tweeteres. Well i came to know about it through twitter itself. When some followers tweet the link of that.

Tweet Meet pic in 8th Feb Pune Mirror

The article was nice except one line which was very unacceptable. They had written that the idea of this camp was born during the PHP camp which happened 6 months back and that was totally rubbish. Even The Tossed Salad blog covered the meet up. They had defined the meetup very clearly (Atleast not written anything rubbish like Pune mirror). Click the link to view the article

On 9th Feb DNA  newspaper Pune  edition also publish an article about the twitter meet up on page no 5. Click the link to view the article .

Tweet Meet article in 9th Feb DNA

The main agenda of twitter users is to make its use for social cause as well. Hope we (Twitter users) get what we dreamt of and be helpful to our nation in any means.

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