Orkut's first radio station

There was a time when people used to sign into different sites to listen music online. But the main problem on these site are that either you have to spend some time selecting your songs or you have to play the playlist created by other users.

Their are people who still don’t know which site to visit when they are willing to listen so good music. Now Social Web Factory had brought a solution for all for them. They have launched Social Fm, a Fm channel on orkut.  As orkut is very popular in India and most of the crowd logs into orkut everyday Social Fm would be very entertaining for all those people. On this station you can continuously listen to songs and that too from all types of genre. You just need to add the application on orkut and you have the license to listen to best music on orkut.

So what are you waiting for Listen to Orkut’s first radio station, tune in to Social Fm now.

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