Will Monsoon Take over Mumbai This Time ???

June has arrived and everyone are early waiting for the monsoon to arrive soon. We all are really fed up with this heat and now need the rain to chill us. Most of us would be prepared to protect ourselves from monsoon effects. But are we sure we are protected from monsoon?
Are we sure this time monsoon will not take over Mumbai? Its a very tricky question, atleast for me.

And if you ask this question as a poll with 3 options
3)Cant say

The most votes will go for Cant say, then No and at last the very few people will say yes (The people saying yes might me politician). Everytime before monsoon starts the civic bodies announces that they are ready for monsoon, all preventive measure have been taken to prevent Mumbai from water logging problem. But all the promises and precautionary measures always fails, and then the BMC and civic bodies just start blaming other for not performing their duties. The worst thing is that when it rains continuously for more that 30 min the measure taken by BMC starts to fail.

They say that all the NULLAS and GUTARS have been cleaned so their wont be any chock up problems. All the pot holes have been filled and Mumbai will be free from pot holes during the monsoon. The slum areas from where these NULLAS flows and which more likely to have chock up problems have been cleaned. The most common promise they make is that they have setup control rooms through out the monsoon to help the citizen in emergencies.

Will these measures be of any help to the citizen? The first rain is sufficient to bring the pot hole back in action. Because they always do a patch work on the road and this patch work never last for 4 months. The smaller pot hole is then converted into a big MAN HOLE. The control room is just for the sake of name, either the call is never answered and if answered by chance, then don’t expect them to be on time.

This year the problem of water logging and pot holes are going to increase as the half of Mumbai is under construction. You can see Flyovers, Subways, and the most important is the metro constructions going on most of places in Mumbai. Its gonna be a big problem for the bike riders to ride from this mess. Even the motorist wont be spare.

Lets hope this time there is less water logging, less destruction, less human loss and a good amount of rain fall.

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