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I donated 350 ml blood and now they will sell one unit of blood for 2000+ rs and the rare blood groups for 4000+ rs per unit. They gave me a card which when produced will help me and any 5 family members to get one unit of blood upto one year. I was shocked to read that it has a one year validity. Two thing that i didn’t liked that were

1. I donated blood and they’ll sell that blood at very high cost (agree that they have to test the blood, store that blood but still its too costly for a someone from poor family. )

2.The card they gave me has a validity of 1 year that means if i need blood after 1 year i have to pay there heavy charges. But i think it should have lifetime validity no matter how much unity of blood one donates (so that means I’ll get 1 bottle if i have donated 1 bottle in my lifetime else with 1 year validity I’ll get 1 unit of blood within 1 year only )

The guy from Navjivan Blood Bank told me that other blood banks have validity of 6 months. My only question was why a validity when blood can required anytime ?

Nobody knows when they need blood in their lifetime (some dont ever need blood in their lifetime). When a person grows older he might not be able to donate blood, so what if he needs blood at that age ? He has donated blood in his past but when he needs it he has to pay for it. If the card has lifetime validity then he has to pay the service tax only on the blood.

Even if the donor has donated blood for 1 time or 10 times he should have the right to get that much unit of blood whenever required throughout his lifetime and not with validity of year or so.

Would like to hear it from you people. Do comment and let me know if you support my views or not


  1. you are right somewhere but you know about the peoples of india.They lack the awareness about these are talking about validity that is not the reason that we should backout from donating blood, and one more reason that how you will come to know that you will require blood after one year? if you have another blood banks…but the reason is same awareness..if most of the healthy people do donation so there would be no reason for selling it..and you are talking about only navjeevan then you are wrong have a look on the gov. hospitals what they do atleast these NGO’s putting their stuff and reaching to long distance rural areas of india.

    May 18, 2010
  2. I have some little info, which can be the answer to your point #2 – “why the validity?”
    (got this from a blood bank fellow, could not confirm it from other sources)

    Each part of the human blood have different life time. Generally, the durations are as mentioned below:

    Red blood cells = 42 days.
    Platelets = 5 days.
    Plasma = 1 year.

    i guess, this might be the reason why your donor’s card have 1 year validity (max value among above mentioned life times).

    June 2, 2010
  3. parag said:

    @ prabhas…
    validity is for a replacement of blood in case you or your family/friends require it…

    anyways selling of blood is really sad…
    however i agree to nominal charge for it as a lot of materials are used for the same…

    October 20, 2010

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