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Auto Meter - Dont touch me Everything is increasing commodity prices, traveling fare, electricity changes, load shedding hours, etc. except two things Salaries and the level of water in dams. Congrats auto wallas as they got what they want and feel sorry for the common man who has to face another rise i.e auto fare.

Yesterday the second lifeline of Mumbai i.e auto and taxi went on strike for their demand and by evening their demands were accepted. I am not against the fare hike but i was shocked to hear that some upcoming political parties and organization were supporting the strike and these party never support when general public voice.

Its shocking to see that we never see such political parties or organizations protesting for general public rights or facilities. Have you even seen them fight against the government for the beautiful road we are having, have your ever seen them fighting against the load shedding that some areas faces today, even they never raise their voice against the in adequate water supply .

The meters of the auto wallas are already fast, which is a pure loot and some also denies to go when customer ask them to take some destination which is not right thing and against the law. I would like to put forward this point that would this organization and political parties force them them to install Electronic meter and to take the customer to his destination without saying “NO” ? Will those people who supported them would become a voice of general public and give some justice so that the auto and taxi wallas doesn’t loot the common man ?

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  1. bhushan said:

    dude, nice highlight,reality touched.

    June 23, 2010
  2. Vishal said:

    Thanks Bhushan 🙂

    June 23, 2010

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