What Women Want

A difficult question for which a very simple answer that i found here. But what actually Women want is

someone who will look deep in to her eyes,
someone who will take care of her,
someone who will hold her hand forever,
someone who will let her experience the freedom,
a shoulder on which she can keep her head,
someone who will kiss her on her forehead,
someone who will make her smile,
someone who will irritate her and then convince her when she gets angry
someone who can read her eyes,
someone with whom she feels safe,
someone with whom she is just herself,
someone who’ll hug her when she is sad.

women plays multiple roles in her life like Mother, sister, wife, friend , Girl friend but expect only 2 things in her life Love and Respect.

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  1. Hi Vishal,

    Really interesting and entertaining post.Woman’s nature is unpredictable which even can’t be discovered by any mastermind. One point from my side of what woman really wants

    Someone who can swap the credit card million times for her lavish shopping 🙂

    Prashant Badiger

    October 25, 2010

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