Mumbai rain and Weather Forecast

The 3 days nonstop rain shower have finally halted today. After 3 days i got my dose of vitamin D.  The continuous rain had surprised every Mumbaikar, if not everyone at least i was surprised. The reason behind this was Mumbai was not at all halted in these 3 days. Trains were running (late , at least they were running), not much traffic congestion , some places did have water logging  but it wasn’t much in-short Mumbai was moving at its regular pace. I am still not sure whether  to praise BMC and other civic bodies or not. For me its a miracle that nothing (bad) happened even after the continuous rain.

There is one more thing which also surprised me, i mean always have surprised me  and that is the weather forcast department. Till saturday they have not issuesed anything saying “There will be heavy showers for next 24 to 48 hrs”. They didnt even issued warning against heavy showers on Sunday and Monday but as they predicted on tuesday that next 24 –  48 hrs there will be heavy showers in the city, the very next day RAIN STOPPED. This thing happens everytime the weather forcast department predicts something and the opposite of that happens.  I have noted one thing Mumbai Rain always surprises weather forecast department prediction.

Its a big question and a surprise for me. Do you also have same question ? or i am the only one. Hope i m not alone 🙂

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