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Spending a evening with tweeples and bonding over beer is such a great idea. And that too when you’re having free beer , free goodies and unlimited fun with friends , just nothing like that. Kingfisher made the evening of 17 Sept memorable to more than 50 tweeples  who attended a tweet up organized by kingfisher aka @kingfisherworld at Manchester United Cafe , Lower Parel.

At the entrance of the ManU cafe the ManU guys with the attendees list of #KFBeerUp greeted us. I was with my friend @sushantshirke and we meet @arcopol who is a school friend of @sushantshirke at entrace of the mall. There was a area reserved specially for the #KFBeerUp. As i walked in i saw @sharadharjai and @sumagambs sitting. A pretty girl approached us and ask us to play a game on Nintendo Wii,  in which winner gets a prize (Now How can we say no to a pretty girl?). So we went and played the game my opponent was @sushantshirk and i was quite lucky as i won against him and got a gift.

By 8.45 the cafe was crowded by the tweeples and yes even nosier. Tweeples were enjoying the along with beer, playing games, some busy live tweeting , some sending twit pics and some make new connection. For me meeting the old tweeples and that too after a gap of 2-3 months was exciting and i m always greedy to making new friends and connections.

@RoycinD won 6 Kingfisher blue beer bottles  out of all the winners of Nintendo Wii , in a lucky draw.  Many tweeples like @skynet @leztah also won goody bags. The most exciting game was beer chug which was won by @dharmeshG and on winning the chug he got a pack of 6 Kingfisher Blue beers. Isn’t that amazing.

I got a chance to meet @chin80 @soulucky @Shadez @sumagambs @eklavyab @mohitnanda @beeayeanoowhy @skyn3t @sharadharjai all again in the #KFBeeUp. And also was glad to make few new connection with @anilchintz @arcopolc @dharmeshg @satanbhagat @sloth13 @ChamatkariBaba @CruciFire @kingfisherworld @Pradnyaa @mulchand.

Thanks @kingfisherworld for organizing a gr8 beer tweet up and hope you’ll keep organizing such tweet ups regularly. And yes i would love to tell you are seriously The King of Good Times .

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  1. Mulchand said:


    theses are gr8 captures and memories frm the beerup, thanks for sharing them.

    September 21, 2010
  2. Vishal said:

    thanks mulchand 🙂

    September 21, 2010

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