Igniting my imagination at Ignite Mumbai 2

Investing a weekend off for a event you never been is always a risk. But sometimes its better to take that risk, like i did by just knowing the concept.  The concept was simple, every speakers gets 5 minutes and 20 slides to speak up on something innovative or different.

The event / meet up whatever you called was organized at WTF , Seven bungalows Andheri. I traveled all the way from Worli to Kandivali and then back to Andheri for the event. Man these Ignite people really freaked me out cos of the address . I was at 7 bungalows and was searching for WTF, when asked the local people they we confused by the name but then at the end called Binoy and he gave me right direction (Have to thanks Ranjeet walunj as he fwded me Binoy’s number). At last at around 6.35 pm i reached WTF an Hour late and thank to ignite as they were late to start the event.

WTF has an open bar where the event was held. The first talk Life is About Getting to the Hill-Station by  Arjun Nair where he compare life with a travel, where the roads are not plain , have ups and down. That was quite ok ok for me. There were quite some funny talk but Pimp my Rickshaw Ride! by Achint Parekh was excellent and innovative way to look at the rickshaw. Its was basically on how we can add more fun while having a ride in an auto. Even Surviving the Shopping Trip by Rohan Joseph was cool. It basically was for guys explaining what to and what not to do when you are out with your girl for shopping. Yes there was one which was really boring and that was Making Pasta Like a PRO by Shaheen Peerbhai. Atleast i didnt enjoyed it , dont know about others. The best one was Being Bawi by Mahafreed Irani. She literally concluded the ignitemumbai with a laughing note. It was on diminish Parsis community and what would be left after few yrs are just few status of Parsis. The issues was actually quite a serious one but the way she presented was very funny.

There were some senseless but sensible things shared at the event. Well thanks to ignite and all the presenter who made my evening awesome and i am already looking forward for ignitemumbai 3. But just would request the organizer to organize it where there is no space constrain.

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  1. Atleast the venue was aptly named. WTF!!

    P.S. : I liked it 🙂

    December 20, 2010
  2. Navin said:

    Nice summary about the event. Waiting for your post about the blog camp .Super pics of the event.

    December 20, 2010
  3. Srinivas said:

    Yea dude, nice summary… Actually I wanted to attend Ignite 2 as well.. but missed out.. was really tired… Hope to get the next one… 🙂

    December 20, 2010
  4. Vishal said:

    Thanks all for ur nice comments … @srinivas do try to attend it next time, @navin ya i m half done with the post will make it live as soon as i m done with it

    December 21, 2010

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