Valentine of my life

It’s been a year we have been together. And today is our first anniversary.  I met her an year ago but the day we started dating, the day when I first time hold her hand was 14th feb 2010. Like any relation we also had some ups and downs but that’s just for a while. Every time we had such situation, we…  especially I had learn a lot from such situation.

It’s very rare that I don’t meet her, almost every day I try to spend some time with her. There was time when I used to spend with her 2hrs every day. But now I just spend 30min with her. But I am glad that she never complains about and enjoys every min with me.

So let me introduce my valentine to you. She is non-other than my bike, my darling “Honda Unicorn”. What a journey it has been, together we had spend number of hrs and more than 16000 km in a year. She is the one who have given me relief from the terrible crowed Mumbai trains. Like other couples we do have our good and bad times together. It painful when she gets hurt. on 11may 2010 we met with our first accident just 3km from my office (that time was working in kandivali) where i hit another bike which was speeding from a cross lane after jumping the signal. After that we had a couple of falls but not that serious.

The black beauty had always brought smile on my face. I hope we stay together forever  and spend a quality time without hurting each other. Would like if you can shower your blessing on both of us and pray for a strong and healthy relationship between us.

Kissing the Valentine
Me and My Valentine
MY Black Beauty


  1. siddhesh ghadge said:

    what an valentine dude!! stupido fantabulously , fadooo. valentine

    February 14, 2011
  2. Swapnil said:

    i m overwhelmd…dolyant ashru chya dhaara vahu laglya….black dot on ur black bike…

    February 14, 2011
  3. SJ said:

    Kay Are Vishu…. Asata nasata chakwaycha lokana. Valentine chya navane.. 😀 … nyways.. nice bike ha…

    February 14, 2011
  4. pradnya said:

    kay re he amhi changli news expect karat hoto 😉

    February 17, 2011

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