How many more dates we have to remember…

The wounds of 7/11,  26/11 are not yet healed and Mumbai was yet again targeted on 13/7 where again innocent people lost their lives. Around 21 people died and more than 80 people injured when 3 blast took places within the time span of 20min in 3 major parts of Mumbai Dadar (Kabutar khana), Oberio house and Zaveri bazaar (khau galli).

After 26/11 our home ministry promised to be more efficient in security but they have failed drastically. What our government did from last 2 yrs after the Mumbai attack ? .. the answer is just save one terrorist and helped other terrorist to believe that even if you bombed us and or you got caught not to worry because we Indians believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”. We will take utmost care of you and will spends lacs and crore on your security but not on Common man security.

Unless loved ones of political leaders don’t die in such attack they wont understand the pain. Few lacs compensation is just they what they give (who knows how much time does it takes for the compensation to reach to the needy family) to the victims. Politicians never turn up to help the victims, who help is the people who are the been targeted. Yes media people had reached the spot but just to cover the news so they can get more TRP and next day more copies of their newspaper can be sold by publishing the pics of dead bodies.

It was great to see social media in action immediately after the news broke out especially Twitter. People where ready to give lift, food, accommodation and also were twitting live updates of traffic. Even as the phone network were congested people were asking to tweet their friends and family number so they can call and check  if there loved ones are fine. A sheet with more than 240 names, numbers, locations and what and how they can offer help to those stuck in traffic or anywhere in the city was spread on social media. Bow down to all those people and police who risk there life and help the victims.

The world gives example of the spirit of Mumbai when such thing happens but let me tell you today this is not the spirit of Mumbai but Mumbai is used to these things now. People know they cant expect anything from the Government and from the corrupt politicians. Getting out of the house is risk now, no one know what will happen next second, will they reach home, will their family’s will be see them again.. No one knows

Before i end i just have few questions… Let me know if you have answers to any of this questions. Do you think we should walk on the path of Gandhiji today also ? will non violence help the terrorist to change themselves ? will the candle march help the government to understand the meaning security?  will peach walks and or just by condemning can solve the problem of terrorism ?

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