It’s Time to Grow


Title may make you think this must be something related to personality development. Yes… you are right to some extent. We have grown up and undergone through various education programs but do you think really have we grown up in right sense. Answer is NO because though we have grown in our carriers, in our designations, in age but we have lost on our basics. Just rethink on it, are you perfect in your basics? Again answer will be NO……… So let’s not waste more time and get back to our basics what we have learnt in school regarding our environment and our duties towards the same.

Today everyone has become health conscious but are we really health conscious and what steps other than initiating exercising or dieting have we taken towards our health. Have we ever thought why our health is declining day by day is it stress or food. Though stress is responsible for bad health but food is also playing a vital role. People say I am diet conscious and hence eat only healthy diet i.e. vegetables and fruits no junk food. Is this healthy diet really healthy are vegetables and fruits grown with the help of fertilizers are keeping us healthy, then its BIG NO….. As we all have studied in school that excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides is harmful for our health. Yet we continue to eat same fruits and vegetables grown with excessive fertilizers.

As I said earlier we have lost upon our basics and good example of the same is organic farming which we have studied in our schools, have we ever practiced it or taken an initiative towards it? Lets not play a blame game why not initiate organic farming from today itself because it’s always better to start before it gets too late. Now First thing that will come to your mind is we are not farmers and we buy vegetables from market so why should we think about organic farming. Yes you are right but after all it’s your health and you need to take care of it. You can practice organic farming in your terrace garden itself with very less investments.

What I need for organic farming?

Pot, soil, kitchen waste or garden waste or flowers devoted to god, that we usually throw into water can be best used as fertilizers rather making water bodies polluted.
Why organic farming?

For Better health:

  • Save you from harmful fertilizers and pesticides
  • Keeps you away from colored vegetables immersed in harmful chemicals to look fresh
  • Develops gardening hobby which refreshes your body as it fills your lungs with fresh air and energy. Also purifies blood circulation and thus enhance immunity
  • Reduces stress: staying with nature reduces stress as it replaces negative energy with positive energy. Also studies have revealed that viewing garden or nature brings you healthy psychological benefits
  • Keeps you physically active hence no saturation of fats

Money saver:

  • Will save money spend on expensive vegetables available in market
  • Helps in reducing expenditure on medical services incurred due to bad effects of harmful chemicals and  stress

Reduces air and water pollution due to reduced use of fertilizer and pesticides

Help to reduce effects of global warming

So lets get back to our basics and grow up once again for our better future….

Just don’t read and consider as one more article! rather act upon it and put the same into practice.

It’s you and me who can make this world a better place to live…..


A Guest Blog by Harshada Pujari

I Love Organic Farming Image via zazzle

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  1. very taching and very nice gaiud line given for Organic Farming

    December 8, 2011

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