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When the iphone was launched the trend of prefixed “i” came into the fashion. Before that use of ” i ” as a prefixed was not much. The effect of prefixed “i” was immediately seen on twitter, when people prefixed “i” in their twitter handle (nick names). The main example for me was rohan who changed his twitter handle to @irohan from rohandighe. He was very much inspired with the letter i, that he suggested me some domain names in that format.

After some days while going to office i saw a board of class which spelled “itechnology” classes for C,C++,JAVA. I was surprised cos these people also don’t want to be left behind the new trend. Its good to see that the new trend is catching the eye of everyone.

So i just thought of scribbling some words with prefixed “i” (Obviously some sensible words).
Here i go,

i scribble
i go
i write
i stop
i start
i read
i drink
i eat
i chat
i enjoy
i blog
i work
i party
i PL
i worship
i love
i hate
i earn
i spend
i travel
i meditate
i frustrated
i need change
i hope
i Sleep
i talk
i walk
i do
i stand
i watch
i laugh
i cry
i live
i vote

Anyone can add to it if i am miss some “i words”.

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