Barcamp Mumbai Day 1

We (Rohan, kiran, vipul and myself) reached thane the day before the event and (Vijaya and priyanka) went to andheri. It was a nice feeling that i was back home after a long time but i was more excited as i was going to attend my first ever barcamp. I had heared a lot about BarCamp but was going to experience for the first time.

We had decided to meet at IIT campus at 9 am .. vijaya and priyanka made it on time, i was late by 15 min but rohan and vipul who were going to reach IIT by 8.30 were late by only 1 and 1/2 hrs.

When we reached i saw that not much ppl had come till 9.30 only the organisers were there. So i took out my camera capture the organiser preparing everything from registration book, to banners etc.


Well but i would like to appreciate the Sprite of the organisers that even when it was so hot out there they were enthusiastic.
So we then decided to take some snaps of our team until they complete pre-registration process.


By around 10 the pre-registration process were completed and the actual registration process had started, so we all immediately rushed to spot and got registered ourselves and we got a pen, a notepad and even a t-shirt. Around 10.30 the crowd had began to gathered. After that the 2 rooms were decided where the session would be held (IRCC it was an AC room, IC1 was a non-ac room) and KIWI and CANARY the name of birds where used for BOF (Birds Of Feather) sessions in the openspace around.



Immediately the guys who want to give some session gathered to acquired the slots, We took two slots one at 12.30 and that was for the demo of our app on orkut and other slot for youCharades which we had done for c2w.


After the introduction of the speakers , the first session began at 11 am.
The first session was very interesting ,it was about blog marketing .He told various ideas to make ur blog popular and the ways make them good enough so that everyone read it..

The second was of some guy from Sun ,on Sun Startup essential and the third was of some guy from Opera on Mobile Web Trends. The Forth was ours , Housie and rohan showed the demo of the game and we got plenty of feedback (+ve that too )
and alot of suggestions. It was the first totally interactive session of barcamp (I think so).

The important thing was that the press was also there to cover the event. After Housie demo Rohan was interviewed by ITN mumbai (its a news channel in mumbai). Many more speakers were interviewed.
The lunch time started at around 1 pm. The delicious food was from rajdhani and was packed like a box of sweets, but the main point is the food was ossam.


After lunch it was youCharades demo. The c2w game created by socialwebfactory. plenty of interactive sessions followed after that.

Abhishek thakkar took a session of HTML,CSS it was a wonderful session got so much to learn and even that session solved my plenty of problems.As we were not much interested to attend any session anymore, we meet some techie ppl and had some conversation with them.

There was this wonderful concept Naukri wiki, were the ppl who have job or want to recruit someone with the some skill pasted the requirements of this naukri wiki..


It was 6 in the evening when i realised that its time to go home and get ready for the next days sessions. The overall experience of my first BarCamp was too good, everyone those who shared their thoughts or even knowledge were very down to earth. Its was good to see ppl sharing knowledge , Ideas and even the response and the feed back the speaker used to get after his session.

Read Day 2 events Tomorrow evening……..

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