Barcamp Mumbai Day 2

Day 1 of the Barcamp was great. Now the expectation from day 2 was little high.

I and kiran reach IIT at 12.30pm, i wasn’t so late because the day 2 session started at around 11.00 am. I missed seed fund session, but it was ok for me as i heard that guys session at in Delhi. By the time i reached the session on photo connection had already began. It was totally a new concept i have seen. They showed some slides which had a song playing at background of it. The pics where from different flickr users account. Lyrics of the song were perfectly matching the photos. The thing they want to prove through this was that everyone should share their pics as they can be useful to others ( Ya but you should have the copyright of all the pics so no body can stole that pics & and if any body stoles that you can sue them.)

By the time they finished there session it was 1pm that means lunch time. We searched for the lunch table for 5 min but we didnt find it any were, so i thought today we should go to the canteen and have our lunch. But then we saw some pizza guys and the organizers announced that today , Pizza and soft drink is for lunch. They had both Veg & Non-veg pizza and Pepsi and Miranda as soft drinks.



The thing i liked of today’s lunch was the food was not at all wasted,the organizers counted the number of ppl attended the 2nd day and ordered the pizza. It was less expensive for them as well as less wastage of food. Gr8 Job organizers !!!

After lunch raxit took a session on community building. After raxit’s session it was again rohan and Shardul who make everyone aware of the forthcoming events in pune. And even they told about the Developer Garage that will be held in pune on 20th December ’08 and also about the Drupal Camp and Joomla Day that will be followed after Developer Garage.

At around 5pm the organizer of barcamp explained the procedure ,experienced and the tough time they went through to make this Barcamp Mumbai Successful. They even as for the feedback from everyone, where everyone shared the +ve and –ve (not much pts in –ve side) side of the 2 day event.



After everything was over i was about to leave when i saw some thing very strange that immediately this line came in my mind ..



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