Barbeque Nation

If you are a food lover and that to specially you are non-vegetarian and also you love to try food at different place then make Barbeque Nation your next destination.


Barbeque Nation, the first of its kind restaurant in India to offer a “Live Grill on the Table”

Before planning note some important points:
1. If you plan to go,plan it min 3 days in adv,dont plan it on the spot.
2. If you plan it on the spot, then be prepared to get disappointed cos depending on the crowd you’ll get the table.
3. So instead book you table in advance and be tension free.
4. The most important “Try to be as much hungry as you can“. So you can enjoy the food.

The rate per head is Rs. 400/- (plus taxes, which totals to around Rs. 450/-). They have a well stocked bar and with the comfortable seating, be prepared to spend a good few hours here with good company. What you get is: Unlimited serving of starters (veg. And non-veg) (of course vegetarians can ask not to served the non-veg starters). A buffet spread for the main course to attack and at the end dont forget to have some deserts. Dont need to worry of water its free and that to its mineral water.



They put up a hot Barbeque right on your table and let you play with the skewers and roast your food to perfection and enjoy it with a choice of Barbeque sauces.


Besides, there’s also a good spread on the buffet, both veg and non-veg, salads, Chinese, pasta, Indian and to top it all some good choice of desserts and fresh fruits!!




On the table you`ll also find Barbeque sauce,Barbeque oil and some brushes. Apply the sauce for additional taste and if u think grilled items have become very dry apply some oil to it and keep it on the Barbeque.


We had booked our table 4 days in advance.We reached Barbeque at around 12.15pm, it was sunday,so obviously it was going to crowed. When we reached there were only 3 family’s , so i took this opportunity and ask the waiter if i can take some snaps as i am a photo freak.And i took some snaps until another waiter came and told me that it was not allowed to take snaps. It was amazing that one said yes and other said no to take snaps..

Well coming back to barbeque..The ambiance was too good. The way they had arranged the food was lovely. The new concept i saw here was a mind blowing. There was a flag on which it was written “Kindly Turn Down To Discontinue Starter Services”. Until your flag is standing they(waiters) will come to server you the starters. When its turn down they wont turn upto u. I should say Great Concept.


First drinks was complimentary.You can order any drink you want from Lemon juice to moctail and from red wine to whiskey. After our drinks/juices were completed, it was time to start with our lunch.


First they brought chicken soup. It was ossam, hot and tasty. Then started the ummy starters.They Stareted with some grilled chicken, fish and my favorite prawns. They just keep on bringing the skewers with chicken,fish and prawns and keep them on the hot Barbeque attached to our table and take away the empty skewers.

They even served the salad which had plenty of variety. You can make it out by looking at the pic.


Once i was satisfied with chicken & fish i told the waiter to bring only prawns, as i love prawns very much. The prawns were very fresh and soft, ya and even they tasted great.


Only the starters were served on the table, for the main course and deserts there was buffet. There were so many option to eat for the main course that i was confused.But i wasnt much interested in the main course so i turned my attention towards deserts and sweets.

Again too many options. Mix fruits,cake,sweets,cookies,deserts(vanilla),Gulab Jam(small and hot) etc. i dont remember other items. The best of all was the cake,it was so tasty that i wasnt able to control and took it again even when my stomach was tight. Desert was the next to be followed and gulab jam was the third one. It doesnt mean other items were not good.



We were there for nearly 4 hrs. You be with anyone there, even with your childrens everyone will enjoy there. The staff was bit more attentive and prompt.They were very kind with everyone.

Barbeque Nation is located in Khar(mumbai), Thane ,Bangalore ,Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Chandigarh , Chennai , New Delhi , Pune ,Lucknow ,Jaipur Ahmedabad , Vadodara.

To experience something different and unusual surely visit Barbeque Nation. But make sure you reserve you seats in advance.


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