V-DAY Lok Sabha Elections '09

It was the 3rd phase of Lok Sabha elections in Thane and Mumbai today. And for this i came to thane a day before from pune. I was very excited that i was going to vote (Hoping the candidate i was going to vote was the right and a good candidate).

When i woke up in the morning my brother was watching news channel, which were all set for the day as they were happy as they can show the election news the whole day.

I reached my polling booth at around 11.10 am and was shocked to see the queue of the people who came down to cast their vote. (Internally i was happy as i thought, yes people are not just  enjoying the holidays but also aware of their rights )

Their was not much security near the polling booth as its a good and peaceful area. Total 4-5 rooms were allocated  for voting and were distributed according to the areas.  I was happy as my voting room was on the ground floor but was upset as i had to wait in a long queue. On the ground floor there were 2 rooms. The first room was having a big queue in which i was standing and the second room was quite empty.

The officers in the second room were continuously eating something as they were sitting ideal. There was no fan for the common man who was out in the hot sun to vote and were standing in a queue for more than 30min. As some officers were busy eating and drinking water, i asked one officer that why dont they provide water for the crowd who are waiting for their turn and he replied there’s one bottle and u can have that water. I was like how come one bottle of 1 liter will be sufficient for 20-30 people. Atleast they should have provided water but what can we expect from our government.

The second problem was all the staff and the officers on duty were sitting below full speed fan and what about the common man ? No fan for them. That was too bad but still people were standing as they want to utilize their right for some change in the system (Hoping that new government will do some thing for them) . People were sweating like anything.



When i was as getting bored in the queue i   started  looking at the candidate list and their symbols. And there were so many funny symbols that i wasn’t able to control my laughing. Check your own the deadly symbols

The third problem was there wasn’t any separate queue or a separate machine for the senior citizens . As the queue was long and after every 5 min 1 senior citizen used to come to cast his vote, that to wasted a lot of time as then they were given the first preference. (No doubt they should be given first preference but this things are troublesome for others. )

At last at 12.30 pm i casted my vote and showed middle finger to my friends. Was happy that i finally gave my vote but was also disappointed  tha due to lack of many facilities many people went back and didnt casted their vote.


I hope next time  there will be plenty of changes in the voting procedures. and common man will not suffer.

If u have any good or bad experience of this election do share and let me know.


  1. ...... said:

    NMMC Begins Pre-Monsoon work in the city.
    Many of the storm water drains in Vashi and Koperkhairane were cleaned by NMMC. The work has been started as a part of the pre monsoon work of NMMC.
    Storm water drains in various nodes of Vashi and Koperkhairane were cleaned by the civic body. Raising concerns over the problem of water logging during monsoons, the drains were cleaned by the civic body. It may be recalled that in the Standing Committee meeting of month of January 2009, Chairman Sandeep Naik too had appealed to the administration to take care of the road work to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced during monsoon.
    Looks like with the commencement of the pre-monsoon work, the administration has taken the appeal of the Chairman Sandeep Naik seriously.

    May 4, 2009
  2. ...... said:

    Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik solicits co –operation from citizens to pay additional tax for using additional FSI.
    Thane guardian minister, Ganesh Naik has brought some respite to the property holders in the city by ordering a stay on the notices issued by municipal commissioner Vijay Nahata to pay up additional property tax to those utilizing additional floor space index (FSI), permitted by CIDCO.
    Meanwhile, Naik has assured during the elections that there will be no increase in property tax for the coming 20 Years. Now, Since NMMC has increased the rateable value and served notices to the additional FSI users to pay up additional property tax, the citizens are perplexed about NMMC’s Decision.
    Naik had urged the citizens to co-operate by paying additional property tax for using additional FSI, which he says is mandatory. He even advised the citizens that those who have built additional FSI and have not obtained the Mandatory Occupancy Certificate and/or Commencement Certificate; they should obtain it at the earliest and fulfill the legal terms for making their constructions authorized.

    May 4, 2009
  3. coder_id said:

    wow…you guys got to show “THE” finger. We had the index finger marked… 🙁
    i went to the booth at 3pm and was lucky to not have a queue… 🙂

    May 4, 2009
  4. vishal said:

    On some booth they marked the index and on some they marked the middle. Same thing happened in pune too…

    May 4, 2009

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