All Talks … No Vote

Before election everyone were angry on the present situation of the country and were blaming the government for all these things. I had seen the aggregation on the faces of so many people that i thought this time we’ll get a good government that will be for the common man. I used to hear about the elections everywhere from train to bus , on a tea stall and even on pan stall, while walking on the road or while waiting for a train on the platform. People blaming the government, some blaming the opposition party for this and some saying nothing can change in this country, everyone are corrupt. You can hear just talks talks and talks everywhere and that lasted till the day of election.

The day came and the news channels showed that plenty of people had came out of their house to cast their vote. They even showed some clips were we could see a long queue of people waiting for their turn to cast the vote. At last at 5 pm the voting environment was cooled and was time to know the total percentage of voting done. And when i heard the percentage i was shocked , Thane recorded about 41% of voting and Mumbai recorded around 43% of voting. It was the lowest voting percentage ever done.

I just thought were are those who used to talk a lot about the system, who used to blame others for the problems they are facing. Where are they?? Then i realized they must be enjoying a long weekend they have got due to this election. The one question that came in my mind was “What is more important , The right to elect a good system or the holiday” ?

The day of the election was totally wrong as the next day was 1st May (Maharashtra Day/Workers Day) followed by Saturday and Sunday. So people had already planned their mini vacation ignoring the election. The camping showing that everyone should vote was useless. The use of media was 0% successful as that was of no use due to the consecutive holidays. Some times i even thought that illiterate people are more aware of their responsibilities that us (THE SO CALLED EDUCATED PEOPLE). Atleast these people know their duties and are trying hard to use their duties/rights by bringing a good party in power. But we are just looking for a holiday to enjoy and then we are the first one to abuse the government.

If the wrong party comes in the power and dont do anything for the common people, then these people would be the first one to say “This government is useless, they don’t and cant do anything for the country.” But now these people who have just enjoyed the holiday and have noted voted dont have a single right to blame the system, the government or anybody because this is happened due to their negligence towards their duties. How they can expect that they will get best thing without performing their duties and by not using their rights.

If we dont get a good government this time please dont blame the government , we are the one who should be blamed as we have not used our rights in the right way by not voting or by voting a wrong candidate /party.

And then we have to wait for more 5 years to elect someone else. But for that time i would suggest people “DONT TALK … JUST VOTE” and see the difference.

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