Samsung's Launched Solar Powered Mobile Phone

Solar Guru will help you save electricity. Samsung India has launched the world’s first solar powered mobile phone, the “Solar Guru” (Guru E1107) in the Indian market. As a global leader in cutting-edge technology, Samsung is leading the way into a greener future by utilizing sources of renewable energy. The handset enables its users dual charging; it allows users to charge the battery anywhere the sun is shining, so that users are not inconvenienced when the phone battery is running out of normal charge. However, the main source of charging would be electricity.

The phone has the capacity to provide around 5~10 minutes of talk time with one hour of solar charging. As their are many areas which have electricity problem the company decided to launch “Solar Guru” in India. The backside of the phone has solar panels which will allow its users to save some money and energy consumption on traditional electrical charging.

It is also said that Samsung has another, more powerful solar-powered phone in the pipeline that goes by the name of”Blue Earth”. Apart from the conventional charging method, a full solar charge of around 10 to 14 hours for this phone is said to provide enough power for around four hours of talk time.


The Samsung Solar Guru comes in a compact design with basic mobile phone features such as FM radio, MP3 ring tones, embedded games and a torch light.

It measures 105.2 x 44.15 x 16.4mm, has a 1.52-inch screen with a resolution of 65K CSTN (128×128), comes with 1 MB of user memory.

The phone offers Mobile Tracker, a standard feature in many Samsung phones which automatically alerts when the SIM card is changed or sends out an SOS message in an emergency.

Apart from the above, the Solar Guru also offers the very Indianized feature called “Mobile prayer”. This comprises of various religious prayers and wall papers.


The Solar Guru (Samsung Guru 1107) is priced at Rs. 2799 INR.

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  1. Harshit said:

    Very interesting post. Samsung Guru is the best mobile in this price range and it is much better in comparison to its rivals. Am planning to buy it soon.

    July 26, 2010

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