Overconfidence or Bad Luck

India the world champions of T20 out of T20.

Dhoni and the gang disappointed the whole country with their worst performance in any Do-or-Die game India has played till now. While watching the game my blood was boiling at the highest point. After India lost against West Indies the next two matches were must win for India. Its was the right time to correct the mistakes done during the last match. But Dhoni was not in the mood to correct the errors but was interested to add some into that.

India won the toss and Dhoni elected to field and the that time he said “We are good chasers”. How can he opt for fielding when the whole world know we are not good chaser. The second worst decision Dhoni made was of resting Irfan Pathan and Pragyan Ojha, and playing Jadeja and R.P.Singh instead. In the last match also Ishant sharma was beaten very badly and gave huge amount of runs. And what to say about Ojha, when he was in top wicket takers list of T20 and he was asked to sit for Do-or-Die match.

When the match started India was playing good. Not giving many runs and was having full control over the run rate also. But suddenly what went wrong, all Indian players started doing misfields, gave 2 runs where 1 run was the only possible, gave over throw runs, sometimes i even thought that ballers have forgot their basics, India was loosing the control and at the end 154 was the target to chase, which could have been restricted to 130-135 runs.

The start was slow, and after 2 wickets only the match result was decided. No one was trying to hit hard, it seems that India is already in final and they are playing for practice. The run rate was ticking high and high but there was no sign of hurry. On the other hand wickets were falling and the run rate was ticking. When yusuf and Dhoni were on the ground, their was some hope. But all hope went in vain as they too were playing the same defensive game. It was too late when yusuf started hitting, agreed that brought the victory very close but at the end the result was Champions were knocked out of IPL.

I doubt whether it is overconfidence of the Indian team or just a bad luck……….in a dilemma. What you say?

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