PHP Geek Up !!!

php_camp PHP geeks, geeks up in pune for the unconference called PHPCamp. PHPCamp is event for all PHP programmers where you can show off your expertise in any area related to PHP. It similar to barcamp, but more focused towards PHP based web application development. If you are new to PHP you can just attend this event to learn some great things about PHP.You can even get a chance to meet some guru’s of PHP on the event day.

Registration is free of course and you can even get a free T-Shirt too.(Not sure about the T-Shirt this, last time we got one.)

Call for speakers

If you want to present something or share your knowledge please register your session now . If you have never presented before let this event be your first. If you are wondering about what to speak, then check out topics campers are interested in.

Become a camper today

Add yourself to list of campers , we still have space for you. Attending this conference will provide you with opportunity to meet with other experts in PHP based web development, to discuss ideas, learn about new trends, and make new friends.

Follow PHPCamp on twitter at @phpcamp

You can join PHPCamp on google group


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