Thanks 2009

Its time to say bye bye 2009 and but before saying that would like to thank the year for being a wonderful year. The year had game me a group for trekking, plenty of new friends , a new identity, a new job and many more which i might have forgotten. I am happy that in the later half of the year i got a chance to be with my family as i shifted to mumbai from pune.

The year has boosted me to chase my dreams.I was successful in achieving some dreams, some i failed to achieved and some will be carry forwarded to next year.

No resolutions please, i never keep any resolution. Many say “Promises are made so that they can be broken” i think its same for resolutions.

Well i was lucky to take a snap of the rising sun on the last day of the year.

Last Sunrise of the year 09
Last Sunrise of the year 09

So Happy New Year To Everyone, have a wonderful year ahead.

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  1. prasad said:

    its really beautiful there is no words to define this sunrise. why this scene is not seen on my home window.on which floor r u stay buddy book another room for me i am coming………

    January 7, 2010

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