Travelogue – Ashtamudi

Day1 and Day2 in Kanyakumari

Day3 in Kovalam

Day 4 (Kovalam to Ashtamudi)

Early morning 7 Am went to Kovalam beach. The way to the beach was from the back door of the hotel and a 5 min walk from a coconut farm. The beach is very small but is famous for its white sand & clean water. Many fishing boats can be seen on the coast & also in sea (if went early morning). We had our morning cup of tea on the beach itself. Hotel Leela’s is just in front of the beach. While returning back to hotel saw 50 + spider nets on the ground / grass. After a heavy breakfast in hotel it was time to leave for Ashtamudi (Kollam) Club Mahindra Backwater Retreat. On the way we went to varka beach which is also famous for white sand , clean water and  foreigners. It is also a small beach but is a prime attraction of tourist as foreigners in bikini’s can be seen there and also people (mostly foreigners) surfing in the sea.

From there directly went to the Club Mahindra hotel (as usual my driver was unaware of the route).As i enter the premises of the resort i was stunned to see the surrounding. The electric car was there to take the guest and their luggage’s to their rooms. The car stopped in front of a floating cottage. As i entered i was amazed with the ambiances, a total wooden structure in all rooms (Living room, Bed room and even Balcony).

After lunch i asked them to show me the entire property, so a guy name Rahul showed me the entire property. The property consist of 22 floating cottages, 24 deluxe room, garden, swimming pool, game zone and floating restaurant. Just after that when we were thinking what to do next, a family from Mumbai told us that a ferry passenger boat which goes to kollam leave from near the resort at 5.15 pm. So we decided to go for round , by that time one more family from Pune joined us. The boat was on time & now we were total 7 people from Club Mahindra enjoying the boat ride. The ticket was just 5 rs and the journey was of 1 hrs 20 mi. Total about 8 -10 halts to reach kollam harbor. The scene was awesome, mindblowing, fantastic but the sunset view was the best , even better than Kanyakumari. And we were lucky enough to see the rainbow from the boat.

We reached kollam harbor at 6.30 & the same boat which happened to be the last boat of the day to club Mahindra resort was going to leave at 7.00 pm. We had a cup of tea in the near by hotel & went back to the boat. To my surprise the boat left the kollam harbor at 7 pm sharp. (How do they sail at night i still don’t know) .We reached the hotel stop at 8.15 pm , and after having lunch i decided to take a walk while mom dad decided to play carom.

Next day was again going to be a long drive day about 100+ km to reach Thekaddy.

For more photos of the tour click Flickr (Pics with starting name d4 indicates Day 4 pics)

Site seeing while going from Kovalam to Ashtamudi
Varaka Beach

Must See In Ashtamudi
Backwater Resorts
House Boat
Sunset (Especially from a boat)

To know more about the site seeing in Ashtamudi download Ashtamudi Site seeing

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