Incomplete Wish …

Happy Birthday Vishal. From teen to twenties and now just couple of step away from thirties. Today when I look back in life I see lovely and memorable flashback. The days spend from 1BHK to 2BHK, sleepless night in summer under fan to sound sleep in AC, from cycle to moped and from moped to bike and yes off course from Rs 24/litre petrol to Rs 70/litre petrol. What a journey it has been with my family and friends. Some dreams have made me smile by coming true while few have encouraged me to work hard so that I can see myself smiling. But one wish of mine which is incomplete and always will be is celebrating my birthday in school.

Like every other school going kid even I had a wish of celebrating my birthday in school. The day when we get a chance to wear new dress in school, friends wishing and treating us very special that day, the happy birthday song in front of entire class, distributing chocolates and giving few extra to our close buddies. Wish I could have got this opportunity at least once in my life.

I had always asked my parents why my birthday comes when schools have holiday and they always used to tell me celebrate my birthday in school when the school reopens. But for me the day has the importance and any other day won’t get that much importance. Dad used to tell me one thing that “You are lucky you don’t have to study on birthday, some has to sacrifice birthday celebration due to exams” and yes I used to happy with that and felt lucky.

I have celebrated my birthday the way i want in my college life but that’s a different life after all. School life is school life and no one can ever forget that.

I feel sad for “MAY” babies. They’ll fulfill all their dreams and wishes in life but sad they’ll have one incomplete wish in life.


  1. Swapnil said:

    I am a May baby but I never wished anything as such, also because I wasn’t so keen on celebrating birthday in the 1st place.
    Never-mind, Wish you belated happy Birthday bro 🙂

    May 23, 2011
  2. Vishal said:

    I was always keen on celebrating my bday… at least once i wanted to celebrate but never happened

    May 23, 2011
  3. harshada said:

    hi vishal, after reading your incomplete wish, i felt how lucky i was during my school days.. because my bday use to be on 1st day of school and i use to wear new dress and celebrate bday in school and as it use to be 1st day, no studies.. yes but i miss those bday celebrations in college as college use to reopen late. so feel happy for those bdays celebrated in college with friends

    May 26, 2011

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