And i got drenched

Its raining cats and dogs, thunderstorm and many more rainy tweets have always made me jealous. And the same thing happened yesterday (2nd June 2011) when tweeples from Pune started tweeting about the rain in Pune. I even posted a tweet on that “Ok Pune guys we know its raining and you guys enjoying .. pls keep it to yourself and dont Jalao us #kthnxbhai” . I love rain and also love getting drench in rain and not just first rain. As it had rain in many parts of the state and everyone who loves rain, that atmosphere had enjoyed and tweeted about it except Mumbai, Thane people.

Heavy winds, dark clouds in the sky were giving me the indications of rain when i stepped out of office. I was enjoying the walk in that cloudy weather and the drop of rain on my hand made me way too excited. I kept my wallet and my phone in my bag and got ready to get drench.

Just when i reached Mulund checknaka heavy shower started and i could see few people like me enjoying the rain and few others running for shelter. I normally take auto from checknaka to my home but today i decided to walk in the rain. A total distance of 4.8Km from my office to my home. In just 5 min i was completely drenched but was enjoying my walk. I even love riding bike in rain but yesterday i had kept my bike at home so walking was the best option to enjoy the first rain. Lightning and thundering were trying to scare me but the heavy shower helped me to ignore them.

I enjoyed walking for 1 hours 20 min in the rain but was highly disappointed when i saw that there is no power and my building lift was not working and i have to climb 9 floors. Like the rain i didn’t enjoy climbing 9 floors but yes i was damn happy i got drenched.

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  1. Devendra said:

    Nice read!! 🙂

    June 3, 2011

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